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Bronze better than steel?


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I've been playing Voltz for about a week now; pretty awesome modpack that's getting big fast. The additional tools from Mekanism are certainly helpful to speed up mining. However, Bronze tools and armor are better than steel in every single way: more uses, higher efficiency/damage, etc. But steel is more expensive/tedious to make than bronze, and in reality, bronze is fairly weaker than steel. Shouldn't steel be better?

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Probably a few things, I've experienced a few bugs but I'm not sure whether they were in an older update or not

Nope, except for the Power Tool doesn't colour, but in .10 there are a few bugs, like when I stepped on a flammable spike from .13 it nuked me...

It was odd.

EDIT: The Night Vision on the MMMPS is buggy though

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