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Voltz + Tekkit Classic


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Wow. You didn't actually look at the MC versions of both packs? We usually let people figure out why on their own if it's glaringly obvious, but it seems like you like to be spoonfed at your current age.

You will likely not get any more responses from here on out.

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Lovely way to be a huge rude tool. Also, I like how you automatically assume my age because I wasn't born with all of the answers to modding an open source game.

I asked a question, and you've answered it so gracefully.

Gratitude, despite your rudeness. Thanks.

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There is a guide (somewhere) on Tekkit Lite and Voltz, but no, TC and Voltz are incompatible.

To the other two on the thread: try to keep the unnecessary mocking to a minimum. It was a legitimate question from someone who's probably not familiar with the Minecraft versions of any given modpack.

To the OP: keep in mind that questions like this, if not this exact one, get asked a lot, and a search might be faster than posting and waiting for an answer.

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