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Looking for tekkit lite, anarchy server..


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so yeah, these seem very very hard to find, and the ones I do find closed down, or still has some sort of limits..

pretty much looking for a server on the latest update of course, but with no banned items, I could however accept mystcraft disabled....

but pretty much looking for an anarchy server so let me know.

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You're not going to find a full anarchy server with NO banned items as many just crush and crash it by deviant people just trying to ruin an admin's day.

Shameless advertising (if I could use the spoiler BBCode I would):

play.FeedTheBones.com (the one I help administrate) is a raiding/griefing/pvp server. We try not to ban items unless they become a major problem to be used to camp spawn or newbies. Rules often change about every week with the mood of the players and donators. We do run towny to protect against lazy way of griefing and reduce the drama so we can focus on improving stability and fixing bugged items the best we can. Griefing via TNT cannons and frameships are allowed even on admin's bases (not the best way to get on the goodside of an admin.) There are 3 high admins including myself, each have their own base and projects. Whines about being griefed, killed, or raided even in towny are ignored but noted. Failure to protect oneself is not our problem.

Mods Banned Entirely:


Balkon's mod: (Was used to camp newbies at spawn on multiple occasions, no final decision on this.)

EE3 - People were drawing inappropriate things near spawn by changing blocks, as well as bypassing plugins.

Shields - They are bugged in SMP (I have a thread about it here on the forums)

Partial Bans:

Power Suite's Invisible and Plasma Cannon (Camping newbies and destroying spawn, these are not coming back due to abuse.)

Nukes: (Obvious reason, we may enable them and lower the radius)

TNT: (They are coming back in a few days.)

iTNT & Dynamite: Sadly less control which is why we keep TNT enabled instead.

Mining Laser: Obvious reasons.

Personal Safes: We want the raiders to be rewarded for their efforts against other players.

Specials (Only allowed by high playtime players):


AutoCrafting Tables

TNT Usage

Dupe Bans & Never Coming Back:

Pocket Crafter

Canvas Bag

Self-Chunk-Loaders & Anchors (Way too much abuse with them. Buildcraft quarry is all that is left with the chunk loaders.)

Other bugged items that are partially broken and/or scream errors on or lag the server intensely when used (too long to list, but they are very very very uncommonly used.)

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Contrary to what that guy said this server is pretty much what you are after, The only rule is dont mess with spawn, no mods are disabled and there are no banned items.


(if you are still looking that is and if you are not could you let me know of any decent servers you may now know of that fit your description)

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