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Tekkit Lite Sorting System Help? (SMP)


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So i'm trying to make a sorting system, real basic. So I got a Diamond Chest w/ an Mk3 Chassis on it's side, with Extractor, ItemSink, and QuickSort, that chassis is then attached to stone pipes that lead across the room into a row of like 5 more Chassis Mk3's, they all have Provider and Polymorphic ItemSinks, the travel distance is far. It's not pulling out or sorting any of the items like they should be. I got at least 1 of the item I want to sort in the chests and nothings happening. The pipe connection shows a Half Red and Half Green line. Is there something i'm missing here?




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It probably be much easier either using a redpower sorting machine(probably 2 or 3 and you can use them to auto process without dropping items) or Barrels (with Penumo tubes) I currently use a combination of the two.

I don't know jack about the RedPower stuff, and was never really enthusiastic about how it works, that's why i'm using Logistics, I love the idea of how it works. I just wanna figure out what's wrong.

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Your system isn't powered. The newer versions of Logistics Pipes add the Logistics Power Junction, which you need to power (either with IC2 wires, BC3 conductive pipes, or TE conduits) to charge. Then you need to plug a Basic Logistics Pipe into one side (excluding top and bottom) and have that pipe as part of your network to power the network. Once your network has power, the bit of red between each logistics pipe will turn solid green.


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Also, having both a ItemSink, Extractor and QuickSort module in one Chassi is a bit wasted. First of, both the QuickSort and Extractor is "extracting" from the chest, the Extractor extracts EVERYTHING, while the QuickSort extracts only what have a space in your system, you only need one.

If the chest is your default chest i would sugest the QuickSort and ItemSink (Default), if its a dumpchest you only need the Extractor.

If its adefault chest, i would also sugest adding a Provider Module, then it acts as both default chest with a module sorting stuff you add after, and a provider for stuff you dont have a place for yet.

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