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Using the axe module for the Power Tool with Treecapitator


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Currently the Power Tool's axe module does not work with Treecapitator. Does anyone know the proper item ID needed to add the Power Tool with an axe module to Treecapitator to make it work like a regular axe does? Is it even possible to add? I love the Power Tool but I hate that I have to carry around my chainsaw everywhere if I want to chop down trees.

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I was just toying with this to try to get it to work myself.

MachineMuse commented on this over on Minecraftforum. Apparently the problem comes with how the mod checks the durability of the tool and reports that there is not enough uses left in the item.

After you add the block ID for the tool into the treecapitator config S:axeIDList (I added both 25030 since that was the block ID NEI reported, and 24774 since that was the ID in the mmmpowersuits.cfg) you need to change the B:allowMoreBlocksThanDamage to true. Treecapitator will then let the power tool take down trees.

Yes, this allows a wooden axe to fell a jungle giant or rubber tree... but whatever. It's hard to care about people collecting wood too easily when you're flying around in a plasma-shooting hyper jetpack suit of power armor.

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