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Could anyone host my Tekkit server that will have about 15 people on max?


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I was wondering if anyone had a good computer and internet that could run a tekkit server for free. Possibly later on paying may be an option!

I would like about 8 plugins on it also with 15 people max, and be able to handle a good bit of world edit before it goes public. Oh, also if you can make a custom ip that would be nice! I will make you op, and I already have a fan base set up for the server, and I'm already recieving donations that I will use alter on to pay who ever runs it!!!!

So if anyone would like to post or email me at [email protected]

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For $15 USD

20 slot tekkit classic allocated 3Gb RAM (Build of your choice)

FTP access to the Tekkit Classic and custom zip directories

Hosted on a windows dedicated server (NOT a VPS, an actual dedicated)

This is NOT for free because I pay a lot for the dedicated but it has RAM going to waste so I'm willing to host

At this price however you need to remember, I am not offering professional hosting, if there is a problem the best you can do is leave me a message and wait for me to get online, considering how I work 12 hour shifts you could be waiting up to a day depending on when you send the message

If you are interested then PM me and I'll give you 2 weeks free so you can see how well the servers perform

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