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Colored Power Tool? A question for the creator of Voltz.


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I really loved the power tool and module armor in voltz, And after tinkering around with it I found you can colorize the armor! I almost died with excitement that i could make this armor even cooler by making it red! And so I did, but then while admiring it in third person I noticed that the Power Tool was out of place, while my armor was red, it was still white. I rushed over to the tinkering station to fix this but soon my stomach dropped when I saw that their was no colorizing option for the power tool.


so, my question to the creator of Voltz:

Can you, and do you plan to, make the power tool customizable by adding the option to change its color?

PS: if you dont want to go through the coding of the option of making it dyeable through the tinkering station, can you just make a few various versions of the tool such as a red one, blue one, green one, etc, they can be their own items, just for people who customize the armor!

thank you for your time. :)

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It is extremely unlikely that the creator of Voltz goes through these forums often, even less so that he will even see this. And even if he did. He cannot help you with that. Voltz is not a mod, it's a mod-pack. He did not create any of these mods, he just made them work together in the pack. You will have to ask the creator of the mod that contains the power armor that question. And this forum isn't the place to do it.

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Uhm... We didn't hate, we told you a fact. Muse btw, didn't put this in because of you, this has been on her todo list for quite some time. I am sorry, victory was denied. Excitement is allowed, though. ;)

Edit: fixed derpy spelling

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