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Technic Launcher loads blank, no mods show up in the mod list and Tumblr Feed is down


Launcher Version:

Operating System: Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center - 64-Bit

Java Version: 7u15 (Both 32 and 64 bit versions installed)

Antivirus Program: Kaspersky 2013

Description of Problem:

After not playing Minecraft for a while I updated the regular launcher to the latest version then downloaded the Technic Launcher. Each time I open the launcher up it shows no mods in the Mod List (but they can still be selected) and the Tumblr Feed isn't there and shows the "Oh Noes!" Error Message.


When I try to login after selecting the Tekkit Mod Pack I get an "Update Failed!" Error in a Message Box.

When using Voltz it opens up normally but says I don't have Forge Mod Loader installed if I try and connect to my Voltz Server.

It can get very glitchy and unpleasant at times as shown here:

I've tried deleting my .techniclauncher and .minecraft folders and re-downloading the regular game and the Technic Launcher but it doesn't seem to help anything.

My girlfriend also gets the same problem with the mod list being blank and Tumblr Feed being down on her Mac (OS X) and when she tries to load any of the mods it says "Update Failed!".

EDIT: Girlfriend's is now working after neither of us doing anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Error Messages:

Error Log:

Log was too long for this box so put on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/rdbqD0VJ

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may have found your problem have you cleared cache it looks like that it can't find the modpack.jar (got the error when expirimenting with custom packs) you need a mod pack apparently in the minecraft.jar or something else in bin is coded to look for that so either try that or make a new mod pack.jar and put forge in it other wise i don't know.

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