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RPG Craft(WIP)


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Hello my name is Jacob or TheGrim123321 i am a Texture Pack maker Map maker and a Game Maker(Im working on my first game now)So i decided why not try modding

so i came up with The Tales of Grim I changed name to Rpg Craft

My Mod adds

100+ new mobs

50+ new ores

200+ new weapons/Armour

100+ new blocks

1000+ new npcs

1000+ new randomly generated structers

100+ new dimensions

250+ new bosses

And Much More

I need Testers

Apply on The Mods Website

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So. In 3 days. You coded over 100 mobs, blocks, and dimensions, 200 new weapons/armor, 250 new bosses, and 1000 new npcs and new structures?

No offense but you are 12 and you couldn't add all that stuff in 10 years, let alone 3 days. I doubt mojang could do that in a year honestly.

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If you can expend the effort to add hundreds of new items in 3 days then you should have enough spare to use proper grammar.

And please report what you already have in, not your lofty plans. No one believes you and this is looking more and more like a scam.

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