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Logistic Setup [Items Pop]


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So I started setting up a LP/RP System to make my MC life a bit easier and to get rid of some chests.

I built a big storage area for barrels, Pumping items in with RP, Connected LP to the Top of every barrel. Provider pipes to the sides of the barrels. Another room full of Autobenches, made a few crafting recipes to try it out. I started noticing that items popped out of the pipes and were on the floor.

So I went started up a new world and begun testing stuff, But with no positiv results..

This is my test setup


I made a basic system to craft ladders.

Barrels with wood, planks, sticks and ladders.

Benches that crafts wood>planks, planks>sticks, sticks>ladders.

Everything works, however if i requests 1 ladder 2 of them will pop out of the bench and just lay there.

Am i missing something?

Tried with MK2-3 pipes also.

Should i be using the LP Chassis with Modules instead perhaps? [Never touched them, so uncertain how they work]

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Im using RP to sort all my stuff.

But i solved it by placing an extra Pipe with a chest and made that default route. And the content of that chest gets pumped back into the RP sorting system.

Thanks for the solution, You really saved me :)

I really had no idea you could make a default route. LP is quite big!

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I don't use LP for sorting. I use RP for that. With overflow control I mean that I arrange the items in my chests with items so I can choose howmany I want to store. The rest goes to the item-processing machines, which then have to go through the whole thing again to see if it fits or not. Then finally I recycle the junk I don't want anymore.

I can't be terminated damnit.

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