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Using Pneumatic Tubes.. without timers? (Possible?)


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If its not the timers then it must be retrievers or the filter animation.

Heck it could even be the sounds. Didn't ic2 suffer from that as well?

Interesting you say about the sounds, when it's stuttering the sound is majorly as well. I thought the redwire lighting up was doing it but I has receivers feeding directly into a machine and the timer miles away as a central timer. Still same thing. Annoying thing is, can't get a log for this stuff to show the problem. I could zip up the file for download and others could inspect it and see what the problem is, but doubtful that would even work.

EDIT: managed to get Optifine running on the 0.5.9 build and tweaked it about and found if I set the multi core settings, the stuttering with the timers completely disappears. Since I host from the same machine I play on, it seems this is the only solution I can find for time being. Least now the game is manageable

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There is a post on the Tekkit Classic forums on how to edit your CFG files for Red Power and turn off the clicking noise that Timers and Redpower Logic blocks make. The awesome part is that the same CFG adjustment can be done on Tekkit Lite as well. So I do this ALL the time with Tekkit Lite, keeps the annoyance down.

The side effect is that the sound doesn't actually PLAY for me, yet I still get the hitching when the noice normally WOULD be playing. So I'm not sure how it is all happening. All I know is, Optifine makes it all better.

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