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Where to download latest version(s) of Tekkit Lite server?


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Hello, folks! On the main Technic website, where the downloads are posted, I see the Recommended:" and "Latest:" labels that look like they should appear next to links to the Recommended and Latest builds of the software. There is no link there, however. (This appears to be true of all the modpack download pages.) I have tried different browsers without any success.

Anyway, I see folks posting on these boards that they are working with v0.5.8.1 and v0.5.9 but the only link on the download page is to 0.5.7. Is there an official page that post links to the latest builds, preferably one with build/commit notes so I can see what has been added/addressed in the later builds?

Also, is 0.5.7 still the latest "Recommended" build? (There are some mod compatibility errors in the console that I am hoping are addressed by later versions.) Thanks!!

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The scripts feeding the version numbers are borked so it's a server issue not a client issue there but you can still get version numbers from the beta site @ http://beta.technicpack.net/

If you want a different version then copy the download link for recommended then change the version number in that link, paste it in to a browser and then you can download any version

Change logs have yet to be updated I'm afraid so that will take some leg work on your part

You could update the server and not the client then try to connect for a list of mods that have changed, their might be easier ways though

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