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Missile doesn't reach target?


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I first noticed this yesterday when a player at spawn was requesting someone kill him, me and my friend agreed to launch a missile at him to kill him, he gave us his co ordinates and we launched it, but it never got there. we were about 2000 blocks away and i think it was a fragmentation missile but i might be wrong Its was a t2 missile anyway, and we launched it from a t3 platform, t2 controll and t3 support. i have since gone on single player, launched a missile from about +100 +50 to +2000 +2000, i went there to see if it hit but no crater was there. that time i used a hypersonic missile with t3 everything else. please help, i am on my friends server and atm it looks like there wont be a way to attack eachothers bases since we appear to be out of range. is the missile unloading in unloaded chunks or something? it just doesn't arrive. is this a common problem? any replies would be appreciated.

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Best thing todo is to setup a camo bunker near his base. Use camoflage blocks and get within close range, then start camoflaging the blocks with the landscape. Use a wrench to toggle their ability to let things through, then place a cruise missile launcher there. supply power with a energy cube then place the missile, use radar gun to aim, then fire.

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