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quarry related item overflow


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Hi, I ran into a small problem. logged off of my server last night, returned today, game stuck at 0,001 fps due to there apparantly being over 9000 entities (no literally, F3 says 9150ish entities) near me. this means that theres absolutely no chance to even walk a single step with my guy.

this is probably due to item overflow from a quarry. the quarry is in a mystcraft world, items are being transported via ender chest to the main world.

I think really the only way to deal with this is use some server console command that removes all the dropped items from the world. now since this is tekkit lite, theres no worldedit. does anyone happen to know any forge mods that add commands to do such a thing?

Side question: why the fuck is my main base even remaining loaded while nobody is near it (in fact, the server was empty over night and still apparantly the quarry continued to work). Now obviously the quarry keeps itself loaded, no mysteries there. But thats in a mystcraft world... why is my main base remaining loaded? Theres absolutely no quarries or tesseracts in my main base, only the "receiving" ender chest and some item teleport pipes (phase pipes or whatever theyre called now).

Pls halp

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Quarries are currently chunk loaders >.>

Basically as long as the server is online the quarry will continue to mine out the area and results in massive overflow. So many newbz coming on our server thinking our server is bad because we have them temporarily disabled. (We'd prefer to be as close to 20tps as possible)

The problem? We disabled chunk loaders & as a result it disables the quarry's functionality, so that needs a fix. I would like to let players use quarries in the resource world but I haven't heard of a fix yet.

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