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Can't build battery box - 1.1.0


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I'm using the old launcher to run 1.1.0 on my own server 1.1.0, and for some reason I cannot build a basic battery box (3974:4). I place 3 plain tin/redstone/coal batteries (14227) in the middle, 6 steel ingots (14233) made from the coal + iron ingot recipe along the tip and bottom, and nothing. Using OP powers, I tried the steel ingots with different IDs, still nothing. I am however able to give battery boxes directly. I'm stumped.

Edit: I meant to post this in the bug reports forum...

Also, someone over on the Universal Electricity forum narrowed down the problem. For the benefit of everyone else with this problem, all you have to do is place the batteries on your hotbar and cycle through them before trying to build with them.

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