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Using EU to power Buildcraft machines via energy transport pipe

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So I currently have a system of IC2 solar flowers connected to various MFE's and MFSU's. Long story short, I got tired of not having enough rubber, and decided to build a automated farm using the rubber harvester, rubber plantation, and the automated treetap (side by side: <rubber harvester> <rubber plantation> <automated treetap>). On the three blocks under those machines I put three golden conductive pipes, with a power teleport pipe under the middle one. What I wanted to do was run the rubber farm off the EU being generated by my solar arrays and stored in the MFE's and MFSU's. I found that I couldn't simply run the pipes off the MFE's and MFSU's, so I looked for a block that could convert the energies and came up with the energy link. The configuration I ended up using was MFE -> glass fiber cable -> LV-Transformer -> insulated copper cable -> energy link -> golden conductive pipe -> power teleport pipe. This seems like it should work, as denoted on the Tekkit wiki page describing energy links found here: http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Converters#Energy_Link. I just can't get it to work, and it's driving me crazy! What am I doing wrong?

The Rubber Farm Setup


The Improvised Energy Converter


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Yep yep

Note that it will only provide power to wooden conductive pipes (or machines) but not stone or gold conductive pipes, just like a regular engine would.

Also, if you use a wood pipe to capture the output of an Energy Link, you cannot use that same wooden pipe to connect to a machine, there must be another pipe in the chain first, so like "energy link -> wood pipe -> quarry

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you can also put the energy link directly next to a machine too.

I frequently use

HV Solar array > energy link > quarry

But as others have said you do need a wood pipe first if your energy link is not directly next to the machines

PS: also what text pack is that?

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@gummby8 Yeah I think I'll have to just do it that way, or run a direct cable to it - it's not that far. Honestly it just bugged me that I couldn't figure it out. I've been able to figure out just about everything in Tekkit by trial-and-error, looking up wiki/forum posts, YouTube videos, etc. There is surprisingly little documentation on some of these machines in these mods. I had to search for over an hour to find a good example on how to set up a rubber tree farm! (I just now found this forum LOL)

As to you're question, I use Sphax PureBDCraft 128x. This YouTube video was very helpful in getting it installed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS_TPBkDs-8. Just follow what he does in the video. The texture pack will include EVERYTHING in Tekkit after you're done! :D

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HV solar arrays are massive overkill. A quarry draws about 22-24 EU/t via energy link. A medium voltage array linked to a MFE will be able to run it indefinitely, since the excess energy it builds during the day should be enough to sustain the quarry during the night (and rainstorms).

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Ha! I finally figured it out! I'm not sure what was wrong, but it's working now with:

Solar Array -> LV-Cable -> MFE -> HV-Cable -> LV-Transformer -> LV-Cable -> Energy Link -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Golden Conductive Pipe -> Power Transport Pipe

Energy Sending Device


Energy Receiving Device


Thanks for all the help everyone!

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Hey guys, I've got this setup working in Singleplayer mode. But if I set it up in the exact way in Multiplayer on a server, the power gets teleported. But the Farm I have the receiving Teleport > Golden Conductive Pipe connected to doesn't start. (Yes it's full of Dirt and Seeds, and the power is visibly travelling through the pipes into the Farm). Is this a bug for Multiplayer? Because it works perfectly in Singleplayer :S


I've also tried it on Multiplayer with a Low Powered Solar Array connected to a MFE. Same result - Power is being successfully teleported to the receiving Pipe, and into the Farm. But the Farm doesn't work.

Here's the receiving Pipe to the Farm:


Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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also in that set up you dont need any transformers, you can go HV solar array>glass cable> mfsu>glass cable> energy link.

the energy link will take in any EU/t, no need to transform it, and it will make no difference on the buildcraft end

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