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Adding forestry to lite


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Hi guys, not sure if I'm in the right section since we have all these new platform threads, but since my question is mainly about the lite pack I'm guessing this is the right section.

Anyways, what I'm trying to do is get basically 0.6.0 with forestry but without mystcraft.

So from a server perspective, I have the basic 0.6.0 server distro. I then remove myst, and add forestry. (I also removed the config txt for myst).

The first start of the launch.sh however returns an error where forestry can't find some world. I suspect we're talking about a mystcraft world, because when I start from scratch, and leave mystcraft it does work fine.

Now I don't understand this at all. Without mystcraft in the pack, I thought the first run would simply create overworld, nether and end, and the forestry jar has nothing to do for any other worlds because they simply aren't created.

So can someone explain why I need mystcraft in the pack for forestry to work? And what I should do to get a world without the mystcraft but with forestry?


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Yeah then it works. :)

Yeah okay I'll see if I can get a bug report. I kind of abandoned the whole idea now, so its going to be hard.

At some point I wondered if some type of world is created by default to allow mystcraft worlds as if it is some virtual drive. It kind of made sense. Somehow. :/

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