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[0.6.1] Final Beginnings [50 Slots][Survival PvP & PvE][24/7][Towny, iConomy][No Myst][NEW SERVER]

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At Final Beginnings you'll start off with only your hands and feet. It's your goal to go out survive in the wild and save up enough money to start your small town. Once you get on your feet you have many options available to you. Should you start a business at the town shops? Maybe expand your town and bring in more members to become a nation? Anything you can think of its possible!

Just don't forget there's a lot of competition out there so you'll need to be strong and fierce and let no one stand in your way! Make sure to always keep an eye out in the wilderness you never know who might be behind you ready to swing a diamond sword and steal your mining loot!

Our City Spawn



The Shops are designed by the shop owner! Here's one players shop.



Server IP:

Server Site: http://www.finalbeginnings.webs.com

Dedicated Server Location: USA, Arizona

Server specs:

Intel Xeon Quad Core 4x 3.2GHz


120GB Samsung 830 Series SSD

100Mbs Uplink


We're now running on 0.6.1. Just make sure your technic launcher is up to date from technicpack.net.


  • Towny
  • iConomy
  • Sign Shop 2
  • Block Lock
  • Essentials
  • Commands
  • PermissionsX
  • Generous Mobs
  • Casinos
  • Security Plug Ins


Items that get banned mainly affect the economy, PvP, or do not fit into the atmosphere we're wanting to create for our players.

  • Mystcraft
  • TNT & Dynamite
  • Nukes
  • Mining Lasers
  • Turtles

More information on banned items and server rules please visit our website.

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Definitely a good server. My only complaint is the lag and uptime, but that's to be expected with a server this early on. Fantastic staff - I haven't seen any better anywhere. They really are determined to make this one of the most popular servers on Tekkit Lite. I very much recommend it.


Since their upgrade to the new server, lag is nonexistant. Great uptime, great community, definitely gets all of my support!

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Thanks Redhand0421!

I always try to work hard for my playerbase and make sure server stability is at 100%. At launch sure things are expected to have some issues. I'll always try to make sure its fixed immediately without delay.

Any new player that comes I know you'll love our players and community. And if you don't you can always kill them in the wilderness outside of "towny". ;)

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hmmm im looking for a good server with zero magic restrictions, this seems to be fitting, but i do not like the free to kill anywhere outside towny idea :S

You can kill in the "wilderness" yes. It adds to the risk factor and fun of exploring. Come try us out you'll like it here =)

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- Updated with how to change versions of tekkit launcher if your launcher doesn't allow version selection.

I've been having many players unable to play because the launcher won't allow version selection. So I added a how to to my original post.

I hope this helps anyone trying to log in.

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