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Voltz fps lagg ...


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everytime if i watch at voltz items it laggs hard, if i turn around it stops to lagg, wtf is that?!

and my client keeps crashing after 3 minutes when im logged it and it say out of memory... how do i fix it i cant play anymore .-..-....

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If the performance is on Max FPS, the game should be a lot faster to play. There are also other things that should make the game faster, like shorten down the render distance, turning of clouds and change the graphics from fancy to fast. If you have done all these things already, then I don't know how else to solve your problem.

If your render distance is on far, the game is slower, and it takes a lot of memory compared to shorter distance, which can result with the client crashing after a few minutes after logging in. You can solve this problem by turning the render distance down to normal, short or tiny. If you are sure that the render distance isn't the source of this problem, then I don't know how else to fix it.

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I think a new version will be released soon with the new Minecraft 1.5 redstone update that will probably arrive tomorrow. By the changelog/twitter of universal electricity they are about halfway done and begun just a few days ago updating it.

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