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Fusion Reactor shuts off when I'm away( using railcraft anchors)


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Specifics would help.

Which anchor : personal or world? If its a personal anchor, it only keeps one chunk loaded. The reactor could very well be on the border of one chunk (either on one side or split down the middle) and the anchor on the opposite side, or unable to load the entire reactor. Factions and Towny have active (and ugly) map features that give you the tools to determine chunk borders and can be very useful to planning base construction.

Also, how long are you away? Are we talking a quick 30 second /spawn then /home?

Lastly, what setup are you using? In that version of Voltz you can set up a reactor in such a way that it never overheats and doesn't need an inhibiting rod and (as I've seen) sometimes the inhibit rod actually hinders the function of the reactor depending on what you have the temperature limit set to.

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Problem is fixed turns out I didn't have enough power for it.

Edit: Ffff nope I'm using regular world anachors when I'm a few chunks away and come back to the reactor It'll suddenly be off. Power supply for the reactor isn't a issue.

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