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[Voltz 1.0.11]HDG Voltz[PVP/Raiding][30 Slot][whitelist][No Mods Removed]


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What we are looking for

We are currently looking for more people who wish to build and have war with us. right now there are 2 of us who are ready to play so we have 28 slots open and will open up more slots over time. We are not looking for people who just want to kill everyone they see. We are looking for players who want to build, gather resources, trade, plot, and wage war! So, if you are looking to join us the only thing required is to read the rules, adhere to them, and sign up on our site. After you have been with us for awhile (approximately a week) you will be granted access to our mumble server so you can chat and communicate with us. we are playing on HARD difficulty!


  1. No killing at server spawns
  2. Teaming up is at your own risk.
  3. No hate speech about Race, Sexual Preference, or Gender. Basically if you are saying it to hurt someone. Do not do it.

to register for the white list http://hdgvoltz.enjin.com

Server IP: hdg.chickenkiller.com



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In game name: HumaneHummus

Voltz experience: I'm fairly new, but I'm decent

Why I'd like to join: The server my girlfriend and I have been playing on ran into some technical difficulty, and this server seems like the perfect place to have fun, build, and maybe have a war or two hehe

If you could white-list my gf's account too that would save me the trouble of having her create an account and post. Her in game name is: YoungGiantz91.


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IGN: TreePuncher247

Sorry about that, by accident I hit post xD

My experience is pretty good, I have been playing for a few weeks and I know how to get started.

I would like to join because it seems like nice way to become a part of a community while still being able to blow up someones base with a missle

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Hello! I am UndeadKnightmare, and I would like to join your Voltz server! My in game name is UndeadKnightmare and my Voltz experience is VERY high, and I would enjoy teaching the new Voltz players how to do stuff in Voltz. I would LOVE to join this server, because i was looking for a nice, friendly server where I can just build and blow some stuff up.

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