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Generators make less power than they use to stay online?


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Tried making a hydrogen generator based on the tutorials and the wiki, but it didn't seem self sustaining at all. So to test it I used a battery and put 300 kJ of energy into running the pumps and the separator, and sure enough only got about 100 kJ out. I must be doing something wrong right?

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Might have found the real problem. My separator can't produce hyrdogen fast enough to run the generator consistently. Everything I've seen suggests it should run constantly in the setup shown. Mine flashes and produces power for a fraction of a second at a time? Maybe this is killing my efficiency? When trying the setup shown it eventually stops running because the pump is not getting enough consistent power to run. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

Edit: did another test with bottled hydrogen and breaking every step down. getting a bottle of hydrogen pumped and separated took about 1.5 MJ of energy. I got 600 kJ of energy out of the generator. I know I must be doing something severely wrong but I still cannot figure out what it is.

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