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Electric Engines and Energy Links since update...


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So we, and by we I mean server-mates, noticed a lack of electric engines after the update. Now we want to replace what we lost with something else.. People say use Energy Links. These are very old posts online all over the place that say this...

We don't see Energy Links in the NEI. Is it a glitch or just not there? Is it renamed? Is it something else now entirely?

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There are so many recent posts on this.

To reiterate, Transformers mod is not included in 0.6.1 which is were the engines came from. Use PowerCrystals Power Converters to provide this functionality and you can use Thermal Expansion's Redstone Energy Cells to act as an MJ battery.

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Energy link is name of the mod, what you look for in NEI is "energy bridge", "consumer" and "producer". The consumer and producers have many types. Example would be converting IC's MV EU to BC's MJ. Make a place a MV EU consumer next to an energy bridge, then a MJ producer next to the same energy bridge. The consumer will take in EUs and the porducer will spit out MJs.

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