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sup guys!!!i sound happy but im really not:/.....Half my freaking house just got blown out...AAND I HAVE NOOOOO CLUE WHY....im talking quarter of a nuke in scale and it couldn't of been creepers because they cant blow up steel....(my house is mainly steal) i shall post some pictures too...but some info for those interested in this...the only things in the general area was red alloy wire powering my red power lamps...a few monitors making my big screen.. a sensor controller(or sensor monitor, cant remember what its called)... a mass fabricator, furnace and chest full of scrap...(from what i can remember...not much else important)....anyone have any idea WHYYYYYY??:'( PS it wasn't my reactor...its in a dedicated chamber made of reinforced stone with walls three blocks thick...






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Yup, I can confirm they only take HV too, since I had one personally blow up my face.

A nuclear reactor would leave a much bigger hole, also, being in a 3x reinforced stone vault I would expect it to be safe, and I think he would have realized it wasn't there anymore :|

Would be helpful to know the EU output from the reactor, if it was over 512 and it got connected to the fabricator I think that would be the culprit.

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You can calculate the output and all the information about your nuclear reactor setup when you use this.

In tekkit lite you use V3 of this planner.

If the output gets over the 2048 EU/t, attach two HV transformers DIRECTLY up to the reactor instead of using HV cable in between.

And one thing I've heard about reinforced stone on the IC2 forums, it's better to have the wall a bit further away than closer to the reactor. Because it can also turn into lava if the reactor gets too hot.

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Uhm, why 2 HV transformers Industrial Miner?

Actually this is a good chance to clarify that.

Changing the size of the packets limits the amount of packets per tick?

As in, if the output is 2030 EU/t and you get an HV transformer does that mean you "waste" 2030 - 512 EU (and so you need more than a transformer) or that the HV transformer will send 4 x 512 EU per packet?

As far as I understood the latter should be the right one (more packets running in parallell).

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No, if the output exceeds the 2048 EU/t limit, the two HV transformers will divide that, or one takes the full 2048 and the other one the rest. And no, no energy is wasted in this process.

The transformer just takes the energy packet and divides it in four 512 EU packets. If it's a bit less than EV, the HV transformer takes the packet and still outputs it in HV.

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