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Spawn Point = Sore Point

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Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of building a Voltz server, and I am having some problems with setting spawn points.

My spawn point is situated inside a huge cube with a cave inside of it, if I (or any player) use the command /spawn, I travel to the correct spawn point, however if a new player joins or a player dies they spawn on top of the huge cube and not inside it.

I am using build 218 of Technic Launcher

Bukkit Forge 1.4.7-257

Essentials 2.10.1 (including Essentials spawn 2.10.1)

In the essentials spawn.yml file the co-ordinates of the spawn point are set correct as per below.



world: overworld

x: -30.440090815492166

y: 140.0

z: 222.545699641807

yaw: -90.749985

pitch: 20.250004

Is there spawn locations recorded anywhere else that may be affecting this, in the essentials config file I have set that Essentials Spawn handles all re-spawning so this is really starting to annoy me now! can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


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Go into your essentials config and their is a line for essentials to take priority for spawn. Make sure it is set to high or highest.

What to look for;


You could also set a warp via '/setwarp spawn' and then in your config look for;

# When we spawn for the first time, which spawnpoint do we use?

# Set to "none" if you want to use the spawn point of the world.

spawnpoint: none

Change 'none' out for the warp name so it would be 'spawnpoint: spawn'

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Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately neither worked, it appears that you can never spawn at the exact spawn point set you are always off set by a few blocks or so, and if your spawn point is inside a building or underground it just wont play ball and will leave you on the surface on on a roof! looks like I'm going to have to build an open air area big enough to allow the off set as a holding area then set a warp to the main spawn

If anyone can find a way around this I would appreciate it.


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Hi, I seem to have the same problem ( I posted an issue on this) You see, the spawn point is set in the "overworld" However upon server start I assume that it gives you a "world" file. The problem is, essentials/group manager seems to fetch new player information from the "world" file to register players to the new spawn point. However, the easiest solution to me seemed to just rename the world to overworld. However, this did not work for me.

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I have literally tried everything I can think of, and have even had my hosts look into it and they cant solve it either.

But I have a work around running now and its working 100%, part of my server is a huge structure that reaches the max build height, I simply created a spawn lobby inside the top of this, a largish open air spawn lobby with all the server information in there, with a simple warp sign to the area I want new players to start the game.

Now once they have used the warp sign if they use /spawn it takes them back to the lobby with all the info and options to donate etc. to get to the game start area they simply use /warp spawn. its working 100% I hope this suggestion helps you out.


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