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[1.0.11]ThatOneCoolServer[PvP][8 Slots][whitelist][All mods]


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That One Cool Server

Server Ip:

The server is small, private, and well managed and runs 24/7 except for occasional plugin test, new feature being implemented, or a simple bug fix. If the server needs to go down for a long period of time then you will be informed on when it will be shut down and for how long before I shut it down. Flattery will get you places in the server but ass kissing will get you thrown into a deep hole

I hope to create a small community of friends who enjoy playing Voltz together and help one another out along with not destroying the world in a fiery inferno(without leaving me out). It is a PvP server but not the kind that allows unprovoked attacks and raids on other players. Players can all vote on a new rule if it is required but the vote can be vetoed by an admin if he/she feels it necessary. Once enough people have joined the server factions will be allowed and wars can be started, but only once I give the ok for it to start but even if war is declared you still cannot break rules 2,3, and 8. If you do kill someone outside their house while war is declared against them then what they drop are spoils of war but if you're nice(hopefully you are) you'll return their items

There are no banned items or restrictions at this time, if at any time an item is banned then you will be given a heads up before the ban comes into effect

Please do not tamper with the spawn or in the biome it is located in

New rules will be made when required

Bases must be built at least five hundred blocks away from the spawn

(This is to reduce the chance of massive nuclear wars over land)

If you play on the server regularly and you are a trustworthy player I will upgrade you to a moderator or an admin but if you ask then it will only make me reconsider if you really deserve it, if you don't get it when you think you should have then I most likely don't trust you not to use it to aid the Daleks in their campaign to EXTERMINATE

Several repeated infraction will result in a temporary ban and you will be told how long you will be banned, previous infraction leading up to the temp ban, and the final infraction that forced my hand. I am quite forgiving but if a player continues to break the rules despite previous warning they will be banned

Server Rules

1. Asking for Op/Creative/Spawned Items/Teleports will result in anger*

2. No stealing items from houses or entering another player's house without permission**

3. Do not EVER destroy, deface, or even touch another player's base/house/creations**/***

4. Be respectful of the admins*

5. No advertising or spamming***

6. Do not duplicate items or use any kind of X-ray texture pack

7. Do not troll, excessive swearing and discrimination is allowed but heavily discouraged*

8. Do not overdo explosives to the point where the server lags/crashes**

9. You may not randomly attack another player without a reason

10. You can't wait outside a player's house trying to kill them

*May result in an admin administering minor punishment

**You will be given a warning and if you stop immeditaly stop there will be no punishment unless you have broken rules previous times

***Will definitely result in temporary ban/kick


The server currently does not have any plugins but there could be some in the future, they will be posted when they are added


When creating an application please include the following:



How long you have been playing Voltz

Play Style(Solo, Likes working with others,...etc)

Why you want to join the server

When your playtimes will be

You may add anything you feel is necessary to the application

In the rare case that you are not accepted whining in the comments will do nothing to assist you in joining the server

You can contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns about the server but if the server is full then it will do no good to email me, if the server is full and a person is permantely banned then I will post it and accept a new member

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one month

i like to work with people who are reliable but prefer to be alone

i want to join the server because of the fact it seems like a nice server to be on

playtimes is mainly weekends but sometimes dureing the week or anytime i can

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Name: Nicholas L. (or Nikolai) IGN: Legonick357

Age: 15

How long you have been playing Voltz: recently started, I have a basic idea of how most of the mods work

Play Style(Solo, Likes working with others,...etc): Friends, I like to have an established base maintained by me and a few friends

Why you want to join the server: To have a nice and quiet place to play Voltz with a few people I know

When your playtimes will be: not to often (unfortunately), because of High School I might be on two to three times a week

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Name - (minecraft) crysomemoor; can call me pedro oe just cry

Age - 14

How long you have been playing Voltz - I played for like 3 months after it lauched, them i had some problems with my pc. Now it is working again and i want to go back to play voltz.

Play Style - I always loved to play in comunity, when i am playing alone in a server, i fell bad because i know that the hole idea of a server is to play with other players.

Why you want to join the server - I like the explanaitons of how it would be and i fully agree with all the rules.

When your playtimes will be - I usually play betwen mid day to 10 pm (i live in Brazil so my timezona is diferent).

Something else - I hope averyone we play are mature and understand the meaning of a co-op game.

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Name: Tim - my minecraft name is madpeople

Age: 17

How long you have been playing Voltz: for a while now, i don't really keep track of it, but i play it almost everyday.

Play Style: i am able to adapt myself to every single situation, although i like playing with teammates or just people i like.

Why you want to join the server: Well, i found it quite difficult to find a good server on voltz, and obviously a closed community is the most fun thing to have in minecraft. i am hoping to get myself a little spot in this server, and i am looking forward to the creations that are already built and will be built. also i am open to help out on little things such as building as i have been an admin on a server myself for a while, so i know how to respect the rules and such.

When your playtimes will be - mostly in the afternoon, except for in weekends, then i will be playing whenever i feel like playing.

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After examining each one of your applications and checking the play times as well as play styles I have decided to accept Madpeople, crysomemoor, Legonick357, and krazeetaco into the server. You four have all been whitelisted and can access the server whenever you can next get on Voltz.

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Gavin (eatcrap10) <- don't ask


brand new but i know alot about it from youtube

my play style is better with others but can be alone

i need a change and i need to play with others

during the week is about 4-5 days and on the weekends i'm on alot

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Age: 17

How long you have been playing Voltz: Only a week and i came on to these forums to find a server such as this because of countless and reckless griefs on the old larger server that i found.

Play Style: In a closed community when you can get to know and trust others, i would much rather be with a partner or even in a group of 3. Bigger than that and it starts to get a little annoying.

Why you want to join the server: I really enjoy voltz and I want to be able to play with others, but not have to worry about my whole house being blown up by greifers after a solid week of work. I really enjoy having not that many people on the server but still being able to have fun playing the mod with people. Also your rules are so perfect for me. Its all about respect, you dont need rules, just respect.

When your playtimes will be: mostly after 4. I am on eastern time and I live in Indiana

In game name (ign): hbmikenike

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Name: Lazyboy9808

Age: 18

How long you have been playing Voltz: Possibly only 1 week total play time.

Play Style(Solo, Likes working with others,...etc): Working with others for me as I would probably get bored fast.

Why you want to join the server: I need something to do! D:

When your playtimes will be: Whenever I'm free or bored of my other games.

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Name: Edward (IGN: Prototype9179)

Age: 16

How long: I have been playing voltz since its release, took a break about a month ago, but I hope to get back into it. I'm definitely not a pro but i'm not an amature either.

Play style: Team based, hopefully the team is cooperative and functional. I like nothing better than creaming an enemy through efficient and well orchestrated team-work.

Why: I have been looking for a server where players are cooperative and reliable, where teams can depend on their members to work towards achieving a common goal. I haven't found this kind of atmosphere in any other server that i've visited, but my hope is that this server will turn out to be the unified and enjoyable server that i've been looking for.

Play-times: Most weekday afternoons and occasionally on saturday for an extended period of time.

Afternote: Though I understand the strict rules regarding griefing, raiding or destroying the bases of an enemy team, I would request that the host may lower these restrictions to accommodate warfare. if you're in a war, you would expect that there is a risk of having your base destroyed, which is part of the fun of constructing it in the first place, from picking a spot that is hard to find, to defending it with traps and weapons. Raiding is also a big part of it, and will encourage teams to defend their bases more vigilantly and with more innovative constructions. I was also wondering if the host was planning on organizing teams, or if every man has to fend for himself against the other players and possibly against his "allies".

Thank you.

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my name is David

I'm 13

I have not played volts for a very long time but I'm already fairly good at it

I like to play with people but people i can trust

I want to join your server because for the time i have been playing voltz its hard to play on random servers and i want to play with people i can trust

I play from 6pm to 9pm on week days and on weekends I play mostly play all day

I'm a very mature player and please excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes

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Name: Benjamin (IGN: emmie112) Please don't ask me about my name i named it after my dog.

Age: I am 15 year's old going to be 16 in October of 2013.

How long i have been playing: I have been playing not too long but I take to my self of getting to know new mods or mod packs.

Play style: I have no specials i like to play solo and with other people.

Why do I want to play on this server: Because i am looking for a server that plays friendly and doesn't have banned items, also excuse my language but all the servers I've played on have mods and admins that are complete a**holes!

When I play: Anytime really.

Anything else: i have skype it is onemanarmy112 add me you would like to talk to me or play with me and i will be recording when i get a better CPU because i have an old 1999 windows XP.

P.S. this is not my opinion but, I've been told i'm a pretty funny person and a fun one.

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Playing voltz for over a year

I want to join because this looks like a good server and your a reasonable guy so yeah. Also so i can finally build in a voltz server without 100's of griefer

I like to play with somebody or alone in a world where your allowed to send missiles if both parties agree with those rules

I can play everyday except thursday and play regularly

Do you have youtube?

If i get accepted i look forward to building with or against you

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Looking over the applications once again, I have decided to accept Joshie0078, Prototype9179, and hbmikenike. More slots will be opened soon enough to accomodate more players but now you will simply be forced to wait. Any connection problems to the server have been discovered and fixed so you can connect from anywhere at any time.

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Name: Brock (IRL) IGN: 5HOCKWAV3

Age: 14

How long you have been playing Voltz: just a few weeks

Play Style(Solo, Likes working with others,...etc): Co-op

Why you want to join the server: looking for a quality voltz server to play on and have fun most of all.

When your playtimes will be: most days of the weeks and weekends

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