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  1. Pedro crysomemoor ODoctor 15 I always loved tekkit, mostly the (now) tekkit classic. When i saw that a "new" tekkit was launched, i had to try it, so i did. After some time, and lots of blocks, I realized i was bored and i found out why: I didn't wanted to play it alone. So now i found this server wich have all i wanted. Also, Tekkit with interplanetary stuff, and tons of new mods. Who would want more?
  2. just so i can have a reference, from +or- will the server be open? You can say to me in your timezone or in mine, doesn't matter
  3. 1- In game name: crysomemmor 2- Age: 15 3- experiences in tekkit: I have played it a lot, mostly alone 4- Skype name (optional or other contacts): skype- pedro.colicigno; razercomms- ODoctor 5- Past bans (will be looked up so don't lie): Never and proud 6- Time zone: -03 Brazil 7- A little about yourself: as the timezone says i am brazilian, i have english as second languado, but i do speak quite well. Love minecraft but vanilla is kind of boring now that i discovered mods.
  4. In-game name: crysomemoor Age: 15 Time Zone: brasilia -03 What is your Tekkit experience?: Me and a friend had a closed server i i really like it, me and him got to red matter that time Why do you want to join Schpoovi?: After reading the post i actually tough this would be fun, so hope i get counted in
  5. well, i guess i wasn't accepted. I am a bit sad but ok, is just taht is starting to get hard to findo good servers. I do hope that i might get accepted some day. But if i don't... well, my lost. Do hope that this post won't make things worse for me, just wanted to say that your server sounded really nice.
  6. thank you, i read that thing and didn't remember that part, sorry for making a stupid question
  7. one question dexterpain, how are you telling people if they are or not accepted, i imagine it is by private messages?
  8. May i join? cry and some moor is my name jk, crysomemoor at your service
  9. Name: Pedro IGN: crysomemoor, but i prefer to be called cry Age: 15 Favorite Tekkit Mod: Railcraft and the power suits (i forgot the name) What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? I like to play my bass and listen to music, but I'm also a good writer and reader. Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a actually very lonely, so when I do make a friend i never let him go. I'm not form US or UK, so I learned English as a second language (apologize for any grammar mistakes). I love watching series, as a matter of fact I watched all 7 seasons of Doctor Who in a week, but I can handle my
  10. hey, nice to see how much work you gyus did there, if you ever need someone to help, not as a minion, i can help. I'm better in doing recreations, like using a photo to make a place.
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