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[1.6.4]TerrorCraft - The #1 Horror Minecraft server [Custom map, NPCs, Quests, Monsters, Mystery, Building, Protection, Merchants, 24/7, Vid rewards]

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To celebrate the fact that we have now had over 6000 unique players online, the much anticipated Dark World has been opened early! You can get there from the dark tower east of spawn.

In addition to that, you can now use the code "dark world" on the donation shop to receive 10% off of anything! VIP, donation points, anything! This will last until Christmas, and there is no limit to how many times you use it!

Come check out the new Dark World, and get some of the best gear available anywhere!

NOTE: The dark world is not completed, and only up to dark Icetorm City is available atm. More towns will be released over time, and a world boss will be added at the end for you and your friends to defeat for powerful rewards! New content will also be added to existing dark world zones randomly without any warning, so keep checking for cool new features and secrets!

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A few more small world fixes have been added!

There are also plans to add a handy new market to Littlecraft town in order to make getting food and beginner armor easier. All of the world's PokeMarts will also be updated to sell more useful items, as well as exchange emerald coins for gold coins and vice-versa in every one.

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