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Mass Fabricator Control (CC)

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Have you ever wanted to run your mass fabricator for a specific amount of time. Have you ever wanted the mass fab to run automatically when you have enough scrap? Here's a CC program which might help you out.


  • Monitoring of scrap inventory. When a full stack is available MassFab will run until empty
  • Manual entry option to run for specific amount of time
  • Monitor redstone/button input to force run until current stack is depleted
  • Will display status on attached monitor if available
  • Will broadcast status to remote summary display if modem channel is defined
  • Configuration options for "sides" of redstone input and MassFab output control

Program: http://pastebin.com/qsSuKuUe

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

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That was just my choice of setup. The idea was that if you don't have 512 EU/t or more power generation the rest of your plant could shut down. This works well if you are running a quarry for instance and are recycling all the junk (cobble, dirt, etc.) it would just run the massfab when it is most efficient. Operating a massfab can be very demanding on your power infrastructure. This kind of lowers the bar of entry into UU-Matter production (well, that was the idea anyway).

That being said, if someone wanted a solution that ran until EU storage hit 20% or some other threshold and then shut down until it built back up to 80% or something that would be the work of only 5 minutes to integrate it into this program. Of course, if that was all you wanted you could do the whole thing with a range trigger hehe.


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This is pretty awesome! Thank, using it in my setup now. I have a question though, not so much to do with this program. I'm a Computercraft noob mostly but I couldn't find much info in using the openCCsensors so I was wondering how you would make a program to monitor MFSUs and like display the total EU on a monitor or some such.

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There are two ways of doing this. If you just want EU storage displayed you can use industrial information panels (http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=5915). The results look like this:


For simple displays, this is handy, cheap, and simple. If you want something more fancy, and the ability to make decisions and take actions based on storage levels the first step may be Range Triggers. If that doesn't get you where you want, or you want something to look more fancy or custom then CC with openCCSensors is definitely an option. That would require:

  • CC Computer ( 2 of these if you want to display the information at a distance )
  • openCCSensors Sensor Peripheral
  • openCCSensors IC2 Sensor
  • CC Monitor ( an Advanced Monitor if you want to be able to display colored text, and who doesn't? )
  • CC Modem x2 if you want to display remotely (sensors have a max range of 7 with the highest version)

The program itself would be pretty straight forward. You would just use the first computer, attached to the sensor, to monitor the energy storage and send the serialized data to the second computer. The second computer would simply update the attached display (the next version of CC has a feature to wire up displays at a distance, woot!) in whatever layout you define. You might be able to find a program that would get you part way there on the CC forums. I'd be happy to assist as well.

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