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Disconnected by Server Outdated Server

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im sorry if wrong plased..

i got the server installed now, its running over a server hoste from speedgaming.pro i got akses to my server using ftp.

i deletet all there was on the server.

un ziped the "Tekkit_Server_2.1.1.rar" and now i get this msg when joining. "Disconnected by Server Outdated Server"

and cant seem to find a way to fixet on this forum..

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sounds to me like either the server and client are different versions. Make sure you choose the recommended build of tekkit which is 2.1.x, not sure what the last number was, and the server file is usually kept updated to what is recent. I'm not sure how a host would set it up though, they might need more files than just the .jar file.

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dear god. the technic pack launcher, not your bloody server hosting control panel. if that isn't clear enough for you, file a support ticket with your hosting provider about it. at least they are being paid to deal with this kind of thing.

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