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ForgeEssentials /time command


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I have just installed a brand new tekkit lite server, and added the ForgeEssentials mod. Everything seems to work fine, except the /time command. I keep getting the error that i dont have permission to use the command, even though it shows in my /help page and command book. Im not sure which module this command comes from, or how to add permissions to the group in FE. Is there a trick to figuring out which module a given command is from, and which syntax i need to add to the permissions?

Been searching google for a while now with no luck.

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It seems i missed the part about vanilla commands.. However, it dosn't seem to solve the problem adding this to my group. It works if i OP myself, but thats a little besides the point :( The strange thing is that i am able to do all the other basic vanilla commands, the only one with the permission problem is /time.

Any ideas are most welcome.

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That is the syntax given, taken direct from the wiki

There is a optional entry to the end where you can specify the zone that this affects, if unspecified it should target _GLOBAL_ but clearly /feperm (AKA /p) can't understand multiple possible syntax entries, just like most of the other FE commands

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