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liquid storage problems


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Hey folks,

trying to set up a lava/liquid store facility and I have it working for the most part, however I seem to have run into an issue with the waterproof iron pipes

I have a row of 8 liquid tanks, full of lava, ontop its waterproof cobblestone pipes connected to an incoming phased transport which sucks in hot molten magma from the depths of the minecraft universe.

under each storange tank is a connection of waterproof wood transport pipes with redstone engines connected to them, and iron waterproof pipes inbetween.

heres the setup:


as you can see, they are not connecting to the final tank, but you can see all the other tanks and iron pipes working fine here:

http://screencast.com/t/EQqQL1ymoAL -- thats the exit pipe that teleports it to the geothermal generators, etc, which was working fine when it was pulling from the first pipe, but for whatever reason lava wont flow from the 2nd tank in the row through the iron pipe, and im not sure why.

the pipes between each individual unit wont let me change direction on it either with a wrench, you can see that here:


just incase people need to see it, here is the entry teleport pipe that is fed from the mining pumps:


it normally has lava flowing into it, but the lava lake it was pulling from has run dry, have not moved it yet.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Discord Moderator

1) Iron pipes are used to set the direction of flow/items. They are not intended to be used for linear transportation.

2) If one must use BC pipes, using gold versions on linear runs is nearly always the better choice.

3) If one must use BC pipes, using Autarchic Gates will make your life so much easier.

4) Here's the kicker. In Tekkit Lite, it is nearly always a better choice to use liquiducts and tesseracts from Thermal Expansion rather than pipes. (This also actually applies to MJ power transmission as well by using redstone conduits)

5) You don't really "need" iron pipes underneath. The liquid will find a way out, especially if it is linear. You might use iron pipes where two "sets" join together, but that is it. However, all of the connection/loop issues go away if one uses liquiducts.

Just my two cents. Good luck!

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