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How to separate the same item evenly.


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I'm making an automated factory that makes Nano Suits. At the very end there are 5 auto crafting tables (mkII) that make each piece of the armor (and the sword). My issue is having the line that produces the energy crystals and the line that produces the carbon plating divide their stores evenly between these crafting tables.

Right now I'm using diamond pipe and running one pipe out of the assembly line and 5 diamond pipes (one at each table). The problem is if I put the item (plating) in TWO slots of the diamond pipe GUI it has a 50/50 chance of going either way.

In other words 50% of the product gets into table 1, 25% gets to table 2, 12.5% gets to table 3, 6.25% gets to table 4, and 3.125% gets to table 5....(Statistically speaking anyway... obviously it doesn't work out the same everytime...)

So I'm just wondering is there a pipe I can use that will "check" if the table already has "x" number of carbon plate and if true move on to the next table?

Thus evenly distributing the product!

Thank you!

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I've used Distribution pipes. If you have separate lines as long as you get those ratios correct (1:1:1:1 for energy crystals) and different ratios for incoming carbon plates. Another method is Having a supply of diamonds, redstone, and ever increasing supplies of carbon plates (or coal if you know how to use the system fully) using Logistics pipes.

Can't go too into detail but I have used the Logistics for making almost anything with the push of a button.

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