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Industrial Tesla Coil killing all item frames


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I just set up my Industrial Tesla Coil, and it works like a charm - except that it zaps all my item frames.

I've tried tinkering with it, but to no avail... I currently have player and animal tokens fed into a difference token, and a mob token.

Is this a bug, or have I set it up wrong?

Edit: I actually just realized that the ITC also tries to zap my mining laser every time I use it... It seems to draw power doing this too.

(Running Tekkit Lite 0.6.1)

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Take out the item detector token from the programmable filter.

You need a mob token and a redstone token(if you want to turn it on or off)leading into an INTERSECTION token in the next column.

If you want the coil to pick up items you will need a loot collector and a seperate programmable filter (this will help with maintenance and re-arrangement as you do not want to take down the filter whilst the coil has power and you don't want to disconnect and get creepers everywhere!!)

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