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Tekkit Lite Random huge lags for 5-20 secs, afterwards ~140fps


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Hey guys,

my specs:

Inte Core i5-2400

GeForce GTX 560 Ti


Win 8 64-Bit

I'm playing Tekkit Lite on my own server at nitrado.net. In gerneral everything is running fine at 110-140 fps (im playing with Spax PureBD Craft 128x Texturepack) but sometimes when I open chests my game slows down to 0-1 fps for half a minute or so. Afterwards it again runs perfetcly at 140fps. I can stop the lagging when I close the chest and turn around in MC.

Ssometimes I have these huge lags even when I'm just standing still inside my house, it gets quite tricky then. In a certain area I lag to hell, but when I look just 2-3px above/below a imaginary boundary the lag stops completly. When I turn the viewing angle into the certain area once more by just changing the field of view 1-2px again, the lagging starts over again.

Allocating more memory to MC does not seem to solve the problem. I tried 2GB, 4GB and currently 6GB RAM (Remember, I have a total of 8GB RAM), MC tells me that it is using around ~17-19% of that Memory (1158MB of 5461MB). The usage of memory does NOT increase when I have that lags, everything stays the same, just the framerate drops to 0 or 1. The taskmanager reads that Java™Platform SE Binary is using around 55% of CPU Power (every other process has the maximum of around 1-2%) and 2.525 MB RAM. A restart of MC seems to always solve the problem, but after some time, the lags start in another region in the MC world, everytime absolutly NOT reproducable.

I'm using Java Version 7 Update 15 (Build 1.7.0_15-b03) (x64). No problems with heat or other games (e.g. Crysis 3 runs perfectly).

A test showed that normally MC has around 55% CPU Load, but when the lag occurs, it goes down to only ~35% CPU Load, and the Process "System" (that process usually has around 1-2% CPU Load) rises to ~20% CPU Load.. What is going on here?

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