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Chunk error, please help


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Hello there, one day i was playing tekkit and the power decided to go of in the house, so it exited my server that i was running and playing on. So i thought no big deal ill just load it back up and continue where i left off wen the computer gets up and running. So i get on and theres this huge chunk thats missing and i dont know how to get rid of it. So i exit the server and try to go on it again to see if that solved the problem. Nope. i cant even get on my world anymore, all that shows in the server thing is various lines of this:

2013-04-12 17:08:55 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Wrong location! qn ['Skeleton' /4607, 1='world x=304 y=27 z=261]

and a bunch of other stuff

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Well, actually this may not be a "bug" in the system, but more a glitch from the server not shutting down properly. There is most likely a way to fix it, but it would be a pain in the butt to fix it. Personally, this is why I always make a backup of my world file. Richs_yards doesn't need to get all upset over you not posting this in a bug report considering this isnt a bug.

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