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Searching for Server to play


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i hope i'm in the right section for this... if not please some mods transfer my post. thx

So, what do i want?

I want to play with some peoples because my local server is getting odd and playing alone ... you know, it's not so exiting to only build for yourself.

So i want to play on a server with some peoples. I would prefer to play with german speaking players because its my native language and its easier to communicate. I'm not bad in english (writing) but when it comes to voice communication (skype, ts,...) its horrible and no fun for everyone ;) .

What server do i want?

I hate PVP ... arena pvp is ok when i'm not forced to go there and fight but open pvp is not my style of playing. My local server had everything activated and it was cool, but i can accept if some items are banned for reasons.

Mystcraft is cool because you can hide the quarry there which is getting me some materials for my projects but it's not nessesary. But Quarry is...

Something about me?

I play minecraft since beta (i think 2-3 years now). I'm a casual gamer with a job so i would be online at 8-10pm (GMT+1) and on weekend if my family let me play. (Family = my Wife and 1 child)

This brings me to the next part... i'm old... *please help me across the road*... i'm 35 years old *g*

I'm a Builder... i love to build a big home with many rooms. I love to hide my technical stuff behind walls, build big pipe systems (logistic pipes are cool).

I'm a experienced tekkit player, i owned a little classic server with a friend but ... classic ... you know no updates, no new stuff. With tekkit lite came out my friend doesn't wanted to play anymore...

I looked in the server section but its very time consuming to find a server there for me so i will try this way. Who wants me? ;)

Please post in this thread or send me a pm (in pm you can write german if you can *g*).

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I might just have the server for you, I run a server with a custom modpack called Technolution. It has a few banned items (mostly to prevent grief) but quarries are enabled.

All the info is right here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/.41573

Pvp is enabled on the server but the people are mostly friendly and do fights in the pvp arena. We have a parkour to try your skills with Smart Moving and a speef arena.

Our primary language is English since most of the players are American. I'm Dutch myself so ich verstandte ein bisschen Deutsch. ^^

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