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Foolproof Method for defenses in Voltz (ICBMs)

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Hey, guys! This is a fool-proof strategy for surviving most missile attacks from those "pesky" ICBMs. (For a complete list of all the missiles it will stop, see the bottom of the page)

Firstly, make sure your base is as invisible as possible. Cover it absolutely with dirt (Or sand, if in a desert) and make it look like a hill. Put the proper foliage on top and around. If you want to disguise your door, then do that thing where pistons are automatically shut and only open when given a signal (Or something, look it up), and use glass pressure plates.

Next, fortify the surrounding area. Get some basic explosives and place them around with glass pressure plates, and you have a minefield! (S-Mines are visible, conspicuous, and need a redstone signal/right-click; plus, they're expensive) Also, get out some pistons, spikes (And their flammable/poisonous variants) and more glass pressure plates, and make some pitfalls! >:) Go WWI: Dig a trench with spikes in it and barbed wire on the front. Also, reinforce your base. Surround it with two layers of concrete, (Three on the roof, since most missiles come from above) and a layer of carbon-plating in the center of the roof and walls (This will stop the nukes)

You MUST be able to outlast your attackers in a siege, so get some blast-proof glass and make a skylight in a separate building, and place some solar generators. These will never run out of power. NOTE: If you have a fusion reactor up and running, then set up a water pump to a deuterium extractor; the water'll never run out. Make a farm for an endless bread source. If you want (Though it's not that important), you can make a tree farm. Chicken farms are good, too.

Finally, we get to actual countermeasures for the missiles! As well as reinforcing your bunker (You MUST do this!), you should build a radar station and hook it up to a trio of T2 launchers loaded with anti-ballistics, some sirens, and even an EMP tower.

Here's a bonus: If you want, make some camouflaged outposts, and some railguns. (Though this is more for close-quarters combat, and missiles are your biggest concern)

NOTE: Of course, the best defense is a good offense. Make a missile silo and blast your friends to hell! >:)

Nuclear deterrents are a very good way to defend against the prospect of your friends' ever getting nukes or antimatter ahead of you. (Because that's what it's all about, right?) Firstly, fire some contagious and chemical missiles in their direction in order to force them to search for milk, craft some antidotes, or heal themselves in another way. Chuck a few EMPs their way, as well, as this will break most generators, except for coal and pipe ones, as well as draining the power out of power tools/armor, battery boxes, batteries, gadgets, launcher panels, EMP and radar towers, etc. >:) That'll set their centrifuges, particle accelerators, and deuterium extractors back a bit, as well as knocking out their defenses. :D










Nuclear Cluster



Antigravitational (I THINK?)





Thanks for reading this. :) Also, please add tips, as I am building a bunker complex, and would like to know more of you guys' tips.

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