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Access the bottom slot of a MFSU for both Input and Output?


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Hey Guys,

Our server is trying to upgrade its power grid to a remote power setup since our footprint is ever expanding.

Our initial attempt was with energy bridges but the fact that the energy bridge seems to take 141 EU/t no matter how much power is actually needed isn't optimal.

My second plan was energy Tesseracts but the server admin doesn't want to edit the config file to bring the loss rate down from 25%.

So on to plan number 3: Charge energy crystals at the nuke, use a Item Tesseract to send it to remote location, load it in to the bottom to fill the remote MFSU and then send it back home. However, it seems like the only way to access the bottom side of a MFSU is to have something connected to bottom. What item(s) do I need to be able to both put something in the bottom of the MFSU and take something from the bottom of the MFSU?

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You try a Provider pipe? It's that one that can pull resources when the machine it's attached to is empty. It can be configured to detect a depleted energy crystal, pull it out, and pull a full energy crystal from a storage chest. Experiment a little.

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I think DW20 did this in one of his SSP series, where he charged lapotrons in a MFSU with Redpower. He had an Enderchest where he used a Filter with an empty lapotron in it to pump out the empty lapotrons and that went into the MFSU. Then he used a retriever with a full lapotron to pump the full ones out.

Not sure what side he used to pump it in. Maybe the top side.

Just try all sides and see which one works.

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