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Railcraft loaders not working with coke oven?

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I've just recently started playing on my friend's tekkit classic server, and it's very fun. I'm attempting to set up a automated creosote oil system, and I set it up exactly like they explain it on their wiki, yet the coke oven keeps dumping any creosote oil that it makes into bottles in its bottom slot rather than into the liquid unloader/tank cart. Here is a picture of the set up: tekkit.png

I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, I searched through a bunch of threads about them and watched a lot of videos, but couldn't find anyone who had an issue. Any help is appreciated.

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The railcraft of classic doesn't have bucket functionality, it just generates bottles of oil

In a later update the oven was redesigned so it had an internal tank to hold the oil which would have made it compatible with this set-up

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