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Minium stone suddenly not working correctly after update

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most of the recipes in NEI dont work for the minium stone

heres the ones im having trouble with:

sticks to wood planks

wood planks to wood blocks (these 2 arent really a problem but the next lot are)

wood to obsidian

gold to iron

diamond to gold

clay to iron, and many more

i know this has something to do with the cfg files (recently had to mess around with netherores cfg just to get the nether to generate its ores) but for the life of me i cant find it! theres nothing about Recipes in EE3.cfg i don't know where else to look for the recipe toggles since theyre all related to the now non existent philosophers stone, theres no EE2.cfg or anything similar

any ideas? solutions?

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well what do you suggest then? look i think theyve already fixed this but we really need an update to 1.5+ cause EE3 for that version is once more completely different:-D so i think he already got this but just wondering if somebody have the same problem and if so how to fix it?

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its fixed for tekkit space (I have tested this rigorously but was unable to get the bug to show up). but tekkit space is 1.5.2 whereas lite is 1.4.7. unless someone knows how to backport the new version. we are stuck with the bug in lite. only other way around this is to make your own modpack that uses the updated version along with all the other mods you like. im not even sure that ic2 is for 1.5.2 yet...

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