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[1.5.1/1.4.7][Forge] CompressedCobblestone v0.5 - Mod for miners


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By: Bielk809

Why install this mod?

Every miner have the same problem: A LOT Cobblestone and with this mod you can solve it, compressing for exemplo: 1024 cobblestones or 16 packs of cobblestone only in one block, Compressed Cobblestone 5x

Downloads: bielk809.wix.com/compressedcobble

1x Compressed Cobblestone = 4x cobblestone

1x Compressed Cobblestone 2x = 16x cobblestone

1x Compressed Cobblestone 3x = 64x cobblestone

1x Compressed Cobblestone 4x = 256x cobblestone

1x Compressed Cobblestone 5x = 1024x cobblestone




- Compatible with TekkitLite

Please visit the website: http://bielk809.wix.com/compressedcobble



Contact and ideas: [email protected] / [email protected]

Twitter: @Bielk809

Old version:



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The guy came in, threwup this post, and hasn't been seen since. I doubt he even knows I edited the link to get rid of adfly.

It's a tutorial level mod he spammed everywhere he could with minimal effort. I'm going to say Adfly cash grab.

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