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Why I don't have all mods ?


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Hey. I have a HUGE problem. I'm worried about my technic pack. I just downloaded techinc pack and I have already got good things like diamond and stuff like that.

I collected enough of resources to build Alchemical Chest.

I know the recepie, but it's not available. The recepie is : Low Covalence, Medium Covalence, High Covalence, Stone, Alchemical Chest, Stone, Iron, Chest, Iron.

When I press E and the NEi shows up. I search there, but I can't find anything. I can't even make Low Covalence.

I add some pictures.

1 pic, searching the recepie of Low Covalence gSI77HE.png

2 pic, I'm trying to make this with recepiepWnfAOi.png

3 pic, My minecraft options stats t1Vusw1.png

4. Pic is Techic Launcher optionsRBewKzf.jpg

5. pic is tekkit lite options: 3xzb29y.jpg

If you know how to answer my questions, please, reply quickly.

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