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DarkestEdge is a Tekkit 3.1.2 and offering some really nice features. Our features include the following + more.

→ 2 Main Worlds (Faction, Towny)

→ 24/7 with No Lag.

→ A wonderful Owner and Co-Owner

The Owner strives to deliver a robust and rewarding gaming experience.

→ We only hire mature and friendly professionals to provide the best staff team that we can.

→ Random in-game giveaways

→ We also offer a livestreaming package. This package includes the following listed below. (This is randomly picked for people that livestream! This is not a donation package!)

  • NO Banned Items
  • Your own world for just you!
  • Nice in-game prefix

→ Some of our plugins include

  • Transporter
  • Faction
  • Towny
  • Mob Bounty Reloaded
  • And More

→ And Much More!

This is our banned items list:

1) Tunnel Bores

2) World Anchors

3) Water Strainers

4) Gem Armor

5) Dimensional Anchors

6) Arcana Ring

7) Terraformers

8) Block Breakers

9) Teleport Pipes And Tethers

10) Crystal Chests ( Donate to unlock )

So come on over and join a wonderful server. Start building and be the best. Prove yourself.

We hope to see you join and stay. We are not a server where the owner doesn't really play or talk to the players

The owner actually talks to the players one on one and is very active.

And finally, after that lengthy read, here's the IP to join the server:


(no port is needed for the ease of joining)

http://darkestedge.com is our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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I really hate to post a negative comment on this page, but I feel like it's something that should be said. The co-owner (frenchiemenchi, or Trisha) just had a small argument with another player. In this argument, she was discouraging the use of excessive capital letters (e.g.: CAPS) in messages. During this argument, she used significantly more capitals than the person she was criticizing. She eventually ended the argument by saying things like "kthnxbai" or "I didn't ask for back talk. I suggest you stop arguing with me and continue playing." While I agree that one shouldn't argue with the co-owner, it doesn't justify the fact that she was being hypocritical and rude to the players. Before anyone reading this jumps to conclusions, I was not the player she was arguing with. I am not banned, and I am still playing. I didn't post this out of spite or anger, but merely to inform those who join the server. This Tekkit server is one of the best I've played on, and I have nothing but praise for the owner. I just believe that the co-owner should be a bit more mature about her actions instead of using her authority to step on others.







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Thought this was a decent server, though i found the co owner likes to troll users and make the lives of players miserable.

I was randomly jailed for an infinite amount of time, and there is not a single mod or admin to be found to gather an explanation...

For now i hate to leave a negative comment about this server because it has amazing potential, but i play to have fun, not to be bullied by power hungry admins.

i hope it gets better!

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