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Hacks on my Tekkit server!

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i would not trust this. Its a zip meaning it could contain any virus files. This is impossible to fix by editing the client side version of NEI but if he uploads the server-side version as a file that i can see i may be a little more trustworthy. How ever please note in java it is possible to code stuff to give certain people OP on your server with out your knowledge. Please be careful installing anything that is not officially released from technic..

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Have you tried restarting the server? The only two things I can think of are a plugin not working right, and something went wrong when the server started up. And no, without hacking your computer, no one could've hacked that. In which case you probably have bigger problems to worry about than someone in creative. But please don't overreact to this, the chances of that happening are less than a million to one.

EDIT: Hm. Someone beat me to it, guess there is some weird hack. I'd call it a bug, but meh.

it is super easy now to gamemode hack or forceop hack

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