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{Tekkit Lite } FreeWorld {Survival/Civilization} {20 slots}


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Server IP:

We now have a website: http://mysticalcrafts.enjin.com/ (Donations are possible and every cent will be used on the good of the server.)

Server rules: Use your common sense

No Mods removed.

Items removed/disabled: Nuke, explosives,mining laser and cannon

Major Plugins: GriefPrevention, Essentials.

I just want to grow a little community, and have fun. We will work together!

Expected uptime: 24/5.... Might need some days to update it, since its pretty new, but you will be informed.

Community: I wish for a great, helping community. At my last server i manage to create a good community by interacting and helping them. As long as we all do that, everything is gonna be alright!

I hope to see you there! And hey, remember the common sense aight? ;) Also, the server capacity might change with time!

HUGE CHANGE: Due to some complaints, the max capacity is now set down to 15 players

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Sorry! The server will be down for a day as the result of all the nuking that appeared on the server earlier today. The next update will contain a total removement/bann of explosives, cannon and anything that might cause a danger for your hard earned safezone! I am so sorry this had to happen.

Hope you will return when i turn it back on.

- Danniboah


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Im so sorry for the problems that appeared on the server lately, i couldn't figure it out and therefore had to reroll back a while. The problem was that half the world wouldn't load and people spawning in that part of the world would cause the server to crash. I hope youre ok with it, and i'll do my best not to fall in the same pit twice!

Hope to see you back ingame! :3

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Hey danny it's me saeed_omar! You said that you will just update and shut down for 1 day and etc..But it's been 4 days since i didn't join the server :( i missed you! D; i really wanna join but all a get is can't reach server :(
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