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Mines Of Moria (Another Sneak Preview)


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Hello everyone,

Im sorry for saying that this map isnt for download but soon will be playable on our tekkit classic server. But before we launch we have serval other things to do. I could also glady say that we will make a video of every single creation! In case this will fit in the left over time we have wich is 1 month exeacly from today!

So about this creation, we have created a Adventure route of the mines of moria and If people want we'll might expand it to Isengard and even more. Anyway the creation shown in this picture is about 1/7 of the total size the Moria adventure route is.

Then, the purpose of this creation.. Shop. (Yes really thats it) Just one simple shop found within a minute walking. But the idea behind the whole creation is that we show how far we go on our server in order to perfect it, for example the most bottom 2 pictures which is a creation for credits only! (Wich isn't large because we aren't with much people)

Hope you like it!

[Mines of Moria] Shops, see discription for explaination.




[Credits Hall] See Discription for explaination.



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@Industrial Miner

Can you imagen I did like 80% off that by my self XD (It took a week) And then Imagen what 3 of the same kind persons (including me) did over 4 months, the results are to be proud of :)

[Edit] here is a similar preview



Thanks :) ( And, I assume you meant tekkit instead of minecraft )

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