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[1.0.6]ToonCraft[Ip:]No Grief[Dimensional Door ENABLED[No Whitelist][100 Slots][No Lag]


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Welcome To ToonCraft

About us:

ToonCraft is a Player Vs. Environment server that focuses on players working together to achieve a common goal. We love to see our players work with one another, and build whatever they choose to build to the best of their abilities. ToonCraft is a no PvP, Griefing, Raiding, or Stealing server, and focuses rather on teamwork than fighting. ToonCraft is a well-developed server with great staff, and friendly players.


ToonCraft is a no griefing server, which means that players are not allowed to steal from one another, destroy anything they did not build--whether it is abandoned or not--. Our rule is a simple as: If you did not build it, mine it, buy it, was was given it, then do not touch it!

Our Staff:

ToonCraft's staff focus on helping people, and dealing with griefing situations. We currently have the ranks (In this progressive order):

[Assistant] ---> [Moderator] ---> [Head-Mod] ---> [Admin] ---> [Head-Admin] ---> [Co-Owner]

Our Players:

Since ToonCraft was first released many of our players have commented on the professional attitude of our staff members, and on our dedication to the players of the server. We treat all players with respect, and work to make the experience of everyone on the server as best as possible!

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Can i just say the server owner here is absoloutly AMAZING he helped my server be the way it is today so if this guy ever gets a bit angry just give him a break it takes a lot or hard time and work to run a Tekkit server.

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