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Installed optifine, won't launch


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If i'm not mistaken I don't think it goes in the bin folder. When I updated my Optifine for 1.2.5 multi-thread I just opened the modpack.jar file with winRAR and then copied over the files directly into the root folder. I didn't have to go down any folders into bin or anything. Hope that helps!

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By the way, I used the standard version of optifine, not the light or other versions.

Otherwise BUMP.

EDIT: I just found out that the optifine download page has multiple downloads for the standard version. Which one do I use?

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No need to edit the jar files anymore! load tekkit 1.6.4 stuff from mods folder like you should be able to!!


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it worked omg it worked! tekkit 1.6.4 with optifine! i havent been able to play in over a month due to updated ect, the link is good, it is trusted and does infact work!



optifine is loaded and working in my 1.6.4 FROM MODS FOLDER!! no opening and splicing or deleting meta-inf or anything! like omg its lovely.


optifinefml.7z download link (dropbox)

How to use
1. Make a copy of OptiFine_.jar file and rename to "[0000]_OptiFine_whatever yourssays.jar" (or other meaningful name) .
2. Open optifinefml.7z and [0000]_OptiFine_.jar in archive program (7-Zip or WinRAR or WinZip).(for 7zip, open 7zip then navigate to it, has issues opening directly if winrar takes over)
3. Copy files and folders inside optifinefml.7z to [0000]_OptiFine_.jar .
4. Close archive program.
5. Copy [0000]_OptiFine_whateveruput.jar to mods folder.
6. Make sure the original OptiFine_.jar is not also in mods folder.

ONLY WORKS with Optifine HD c4 or c5!!!






I used the above exactly and my tekkitmain 1.6.4 now loads perfectly fine with optifine!

[ btw i used c5 ]

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