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I'm so lost now. What's the best source of power?


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If you go to the lets play forum on the main page, I have a thread with some basic tutorials that you may find useful. Just look for (NEW) TEKKIT Tutorials. Ive covered most of the machinery from thermal expansions, so you should be able to get a good grasp of the basic power and machine systems in the pack.

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It depends on what you do. I think Combustion engines produce the most MJ/t, but are well known for blowing up for a reason. Redstone engines are definitely the worst - never use them to power machinery. In many cases, they won't even bother starting up because they're so weak. Probably the best methods of generating power currently are Magmatic Engines (4MJ/t - powered by lava), Steam Engines (2MJ/t - powered by coal, wood etc. - available earlier in game than Magmatic engines), and Biofuel generators (can't remember the exact numbers, but it's fairly powerful and runs off byproducts of some machinery - using saplings, seeds etc.). Take your pick - I personally like Magmatics.

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